Uganda Masira

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Uganda masira natural anaerobic


This exquisite coffee bears the soulful touch of Dison Kareng, hailing from the enchanting town of Kapchorwa nestled on the eastern slopes of Mount Elgon. Driven by an unwavering passion, Dison embarked on a journey of experimentation with various processing methods until he unearthed the artistry of anaerobic fermentation, which became his distinctive signature in the world of coffee.

In a harmonious partnership with 15 dedicated farmers from the idyllic village of Masira, each tending to their modest hectares adorned with a thousand precious trees, Dison cultivates the cherished SL 14 and 28 varieties. These farmers, nurturing their lands like custodians of nature's bounty, infuse their labor of love into the very essence of the coffee beans.

From these remote and secluded farms, Dison cradles the cherries, transporting them with care to his haven in the heart of Kapchorwa. Here, in a dance of meticulous craftsmanship, the cherries undergo a magical transformation, sealed within airtight containers, and tenderly nurtured through the alchemy of fermentation. Bathed in the golden rays of the sun, they slowly transform into a masterpiece, exuding an unparalleled richness and an orchestra of fruity notes.

The result is not just a coffee; it's a symphony of emotions captured in a cup. Recently, this labor of love and dedication emerged triumphant, claiming the coveted first prize in a cupping competition—a testament to the heartfelt artistry that Dison and his fellow farmers pour into every cherished bean.